Thunderbirds Arrow Films



Arrow Films produced a range of five 8 mm films in various formats. All are copyright 1965 A. P. FILMS LTD.

The leaflet below shows what was available - this probably dates from around 1968/1969 as the reverse shows available Joe 90 films.

They contain excerpts from TV episodes.The abbreviation S. V. stands for short version. Lady Penelope's Triumph is from the episode Trapped In The Sky.

The packaging changed over the years as did the Arrow Films logo. The films initially came packaged in a soft Perspex container with a photo insert  and attached to a backing card. As can be seen the original price was 49/6 - this was reduced to 39/6 by the application of a yellow sticker.

The first 3 pictures on the right refer.



The packaging was later changed to a colour artwork box - individualised for the contents. All box text - as far as I can ascertain - refers to the contents as the black & white Super 8 version and any alterations were made by the addition of stickers to indicate colour and/or Standard 8. Variations are show in the pictures on the right.

The boxes for 30 Minutes After Noon & Day Of Disaster (pictured below) are larger as the reels are 150 ft, the others were 45 ft reels.




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