Thunderbirds Cecil Coleman Toys


Cecil Coleman continued where they left off from Fireball XL5, producing string puppets of 2 of the main characters from the series, Scott & Lady Penelope.

As with most Cecil Coleman toys the boxes are probably the best thing about them.

Note: Scott carries a gun similar to an Action Man flare pistol - nothing like the guns used in the series.

Penelope should have orange beads as pictured - these are sometimes missing.



Cecil Coleman also produced an inflatable version of TB4. Presumably it was meant as a bath toy although it's rather large. The last sighting of the one I had as a boy was of it floating out into the North Sea from the Lincolnshire seaside resort of Mablethorpe. It might still be out there somewhere!!


Cecil Coleman Thunderbirds Scott & Lady Penelope puppets Inflatable Thunderbird 4

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