JR21 Thunderbird 1 Battery




Thunderbird 1 was produced in 2 different versions. 

This was the larger version of Thunderbird 1 & was propelled by 2 x 1.5 v batteries.

Registered design number 918621.

Original price 32/11, reducing to 29/11 in 1967.


It featured:

Forward & Reverse MOVEMENT - dependant on the position of a switch on the handset/ battery box.


Blinking lights - when the vehicle is in motion the tail lights blink due to an on/off contact in the motor.


AUTOMATIC WING MOVEMENT - wings spring out when the nosecone is depressed.


There are slightly different mouldings of the toy some have the 2 main fuselage pieces held together by screws in the wing housing, others do not.

The box originally contained 2 pieces of cardboard packing to hold the toy in place. The battery box was wrapped in tissue paper.



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