JR21 Thunderbird 3




Thunderbird 3 was produced in one version only – friction motor – but there are 2 distinctly different castings/mouldings of the toy.

Registered design number 918623.

Original price 6/11, reducing to 5/11 in 1967.




These were manufactured in Hong Kong & came in a box with “Empire Made” text on the side panels.

This version has black paint sprayed on the top of each strut & white sprayed paint on both ends of the burners.

Top picture below.





These were manufactured in England & came in a box with “British Made” text on the side panels and sometimes a "Made In England" sticker.

This version has no painted features. The bottom of each burner has a white plastic moulding.

Bottom picture below.


The box originally came with one packing piece, at the nose end, to hold the toy in place.

Notice the difference in the "A JR 21 TOY"  logo on the respective boxes.

The "Made In England" box - as with Thunderbird 2 - has the illustration in darker tones than the "Empire" box.

Again, most noticeable around the engine fumes.


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