Thunderbirds JR 21 Toys With Sweets



To get a set of JR 21 vehicles is hard enough? What about the RARER ones?


There's a story to tell.............and here's how it was told to me, many, many, many years ago- by an ex-employee of JR 21 Toys. And, of course, it might be a work of total fiction. Here goes..............

In the mid 1960s JR21 decided to move production of their toys from Hong Kong to England. When manufacturing in England was set up & in production it was discovered that toolings to make parts of the friction motors had not been brought over from Hong Kong. In order not to disrupt production nor reduce sales prices it was decided to compensate for the lack of a friction motor by including a packet of sweets within each box. All mention of a friction motor on the box was covered by a sticker saying "SWEET FILLED".

So this was done for a limited time.......................


2 batches (as far as I am aware) of Thunderbird 2s containing sweets have turned up & been auctioned through Christies. As, over the years, the sweets had disintegrated & covered the boxes with a sticky mess, it was difficult to find good examples. Most of the boxes were stained.



I also have a Thunderbird 1 with the "SWEET FILLED" stickers on the box. There is no friction inside apart from the metal casing which held the motor. Presumably it was necessary for this to be there to hold the wheel axle.

That being the case I can only assume that there were "SWEET FILLED" Thunderbird 3s & FAB 1s done?

Anyone know? Anyone have one?