Thunderbirds Kelloggs Items





Cavities are go.

I ate soooooooo many boxes of these in my childhood.

To get all the toys possible - and more.

Good job I had a drill & fill NHS dentist in those days.


Kellogg's produced 2 lots of items that were given away free inside boxes of their "Sugar Smacks" cereal.


In late (November-ish)1966 they produced 6 moulded plastic figures of characters from the series.

These had been preceded by cardboard cut out of characters from the series on the back of the box.

The figures available were Scott Tracy, Jeff Tracy, Lady Penelope, Parker, Brains & The Hood.

(Cut outs were as the plastics except The Hood was replaced by his half brother Kyrano)

They were available in blue, red, green & yellow plastic. 24 to collect the "full set".

(These are the same casting as the Tom Smiths Xmas crackers figures. Apparently cast by Crescent.)


The reverse of the cereal box contained a cut-out plinth to mount the figures on.





In early (April-ish)1967 they produced Thunderbirds 1, 2 , 3 and 4 in the form of small plastic kits (TB4 was one piece).

These came in bags inside the cereal box.

TB3 has the most pieces and therefore is the hardest to find......




In late 1967 they also produced a mail in FAB 1 kit - larger scale than the give away Thunderbirds.

Yours for 5/11 & two packet tops.


It is similar to the Lincoln FAB 1  but subtly different.

The pink plastic is a different shade

There is no motor.

It is approx1/4 inch smaller lengthwise.

The canopy is smaller & the holes for the locating lugs are in a different position.

The lugs for the chromed features are different.

The FAB 1 number plate is embossed into the front bumper.

The steering wheel is substantially larger.

Blue plastic figures of Lady Penelope & Parker sit inside.

In short, don't think you can mackle one together from a Lincoln kit.




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The box below is from the 8 pack Kellogg's variety pack.

See here for other boxes. Please.