Palan Thunderbirds Jigsaw


and STINGRAY (Sting Ray) jigsaw by Palan.

Strange one this - probably a very late in the day piece of Sixties merchandise.

Copyright 1967 Century 21 Productions Ltd.

Over 200 pieces in a frame tray.

Main picture is Alan at the controls of Thunderbird 3.

There are inset pictures of Thunderbirds 2, 3 & 4 and the Mole and Commander Shore. What he's doing there is anyone's guess, but he is the Stingray connection.

The "Keeper Bag" is merely a plain old plastic bag folded & inserted between the back of the puzzle  and a photo of the jigsaw.

This example is still - just about - sealed in it's original shrink-wrap.

Both front & back are pictured.